Urban Rest – Mind body planet 2022

Superior Stays

Our premium service, superior product offering and modern technology allows us to ensure you have the best possible stay, by aligning with your needs on quality, comfort and consistency. Our properties offer an experience like no other, regardless of whether you spend a week or a year.

Immerse in Local

With properties located in all the major cities you can take the time to explore local restaurants, cafes and events. Access to your very own kitchen and space to work or play means you can also stay in and maintain a healthy mind and body.

Designed for the Conscious Traveller

Each property has been carefully curated to ensure the wellbeing of our guests and the planet. From carbon neutral Wi-Fi to environmentally friendly cleaning and bathroom products (made from reclaimed ocean plastics), you can rest assured that your body and the environment are being taken care of. Leave a lighter carbon footprint every time you book with Urban Rest.